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Originally Posted by duong View Post
I don't understand what you mean : yes Murray could not have a zeropointer for not respecting his commitment for 4 ATP500 tournaments in the calendar year because he did indeed respect this commitment, but he might have had a zeropointer for not respecting the conditions to withdraw from an ATP500 tournament properly, as Istomin got one. Besides, you can ask Yolita if she trusts me on those matters if you want
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Seriously though, the rulebook seems pretty clear on it, according to section 9.03 C., which I quoted above. He can also be subject to code penalties/fines if the tournament files a complaint and it is judged that the withdrawal was significantly detrimental to the success of the tournament. In Basel's case, the tournament could not have been very happy, but I have no idea if any complaint was filed. From the Swiss Indoor website:

News - Oct 20, 2012
"The last minute withdrawal of Scotland’s Andy Murray from the Swiss Indoors due to injury has not exactly earned the Olympic champion any new fans from within the tennis world. Many people felt that asking for, and promptly receiving, a wildcard into last year’s tournament in Basel and then pulling out again the following year, despite signing a contract, was not really acceptable. Christoph Schwegler, Basel’s stadium announcer, demonstrated the general, slightly cool feeling. Inspired by the famous song by American Bobby McFerrin, he joked, “Don’t Murray, be happy!”"

News - Sept 25, 2012
"The Queen herself will not be present, but many English friends and guests from Switzerland certainly will be when British Day gets under way for the first time on Tuesday, 23 October 2012. The star of the show will be Scotland’s Andy Murray, the pride of Britain and its first Grand Slam winner since Fred Perry’s triumph 76 years ago. There will be no chance of rain in the St. Jakobshalle, where Murray will be arriving along with his coach Ivan Lendl, a two-time Swiss Indoors champion (1980/1981)."

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