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Re: I have to say if there is any athlete I want my kid to aspire to its Federer.

Originally Posted by finishingmove View Post
Well, if you raise your kid to behave like Federer, he'll get quite a few beatings and make no friends at school. So take that into consideration.

This could not put up with you, again. Ranking of Roger was officially carried out to the person respected after Mandela.

Moreover, Roger also has record of the sportsmanship prize which ATP players choose. They know Roger Federer very well.

prejudiced and arrogant anti never know.


Nadal "Sampras, Ivanisevic match. or one between those kind of players, is not enjoyable. It's not really tennis. it is a few swings of the racquet. For me in the past it was just serve. serve". arrogance.

clay excluded. successive win 0.  If grass and a hard are fast. Like Sampras era. Nadal is able to win only with clay. power of defense and muscles. boring ugly. All the surface is slow now.

fake time-out. cheat. gamesmanship. too noisy annoying always. excuse. boycotts threatened. always dissatisfaction cry complaints. dissatisfaction to schedule. selfish two-year ranking. bump to player. ugly protest. always exaggerated appeal of self condition. etc. overrated by fanatic arrogant blind fan
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