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Re: Team Pretty Bitches.

I've never had an STD in my life. No HIV, no gonorrhea, no chlamydia, no herpes. No loose hole, I do fucking kegel exercises, keeps my ass tight, exercises my dick and gives me sexual stamina. I don't fuck everything that moves and I can get any guy I want, if I wanted, when I want to. But that doesn't mean I'm a whore and it doesn't make me an embarrassment nor spokesperson of the gay community.

Being gay doesn't make me and us anti-family, disease ridden or disgusting. I'm not disgusting for having great sex. Especially since it's the straight boys who are jumping on this dick and sticking their coxx in my asshole. Being gay is not an automatic trip towards a life of AIDS treatments, as if having HIV is a moral illness. Stop judging us for what we are and starting seeing us for who we are.
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