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Re: Team Pretty Bitches.

America is a very hypocritical country. Americans love to posture about family values while our separation rates are well above 50% and the majority of children do not have a mother-father father-father mother-mother living situation. The majority of children live in broken homes and so many kids these days are being neglected because parents want to be cool and trendy and are self-involved. Yet everyone always talks about family values. Everyone always lambasts older men/women being in relationships with younger partners even when the people involved are legal consenting adults. People always attack those who stay single and call them whores or gay, even when those single people are responsible and more selective than so many in relationships.

Look at Chris Brown. Beat up Rihanna, didn't really apologize for real outside of that bullshit MTV message. And his career didn't drop off. Uses gay slurs constantly. Still famous. Rihanna is dating this fool. Sad thing is he's getting HIS back blown out on the side. Their relationship is a microcosm of everything wrong with America regarding sex, sexuality, relationships. And our hypocritical moral platitudes. People are so quick to run to "God" for everything when the majority of people do not go to church, don't read the Bible regularly and blatantly violate moral codes in the Bible.

It's all very fake and VERY much about appearances. People in the USA are so insecure. They want to look like the perfect Americans. They condemn all who don't fit this description, who aren't "normal" enough, aren't "American", don't have traditional American values. No personality, no integrity. It's pathetic.
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