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Re: Team Pretty Bitches.

With the study showing most Americans are racist, I have to say, I am fucking lucky to be light-skinned, tall and hot. And I don't mean that in any disrespectful way whatsoever. I lucked out. Because I know for a fucking fact my life is automatically less difficult solely for those reasons. I know because I am gay yet have tons of friends and associates in big places, people I've had sex with who hold powerful positions in their employment, because I live in a relatively liberal city and I'm not fem, that my life is automatically easier. I know being attractive, tall, thin will bring positive attention from people who may otherwise be hateful assholes. And I hate it, because it's not fair. And I take it for granted.

Racism, homophobia, I've experienced it to a small degree, but not much. I'm not even a people person. But I'm not a "stereotypical" black man, and I'm not a "stereotypical" gay man. The stereotypes themselves are fundamentally racist. But when people can't pigeonhole you, they begin to take you more serious.

It makes me sick to think people are being discriminated against solely for who they are. And that's why I'm lucky. That could easily be me. I live in a horribly segregated city, land of the Confederacy and for the most part, I've avoided this shit. I feel guilty and I want to cry.
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