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Re: TT Changes 2013


1) Should players be allowed to play in two places at the same time (the final of a week X event AND the qualifying of a week x+1 event)?

2) Should players who lose in a Grand Slam qualifying be allowed to play a challenger in the following week?
Yes, no changes

3) GS/IW/Miami week 2 events:
GS R16 - out of qualifying; GS QF - out of MD

4) Late entries & SE's:
Players who commit as late entries shouldn't be eligible to receive a SE

5) Doubles commitments:
It should be enough if only a player commits the doubles team

6) Singles commitments by another person?
Yes, only by doubles partners.


7) Late entries & seedings
Late entries shouldn't be seeded

8) Should there be a restriction to avoid singles R1 matches between doubles partners?


9) Should picks which were sent to the person who posted the OOP be accepted?

10) Should picks sent by e-mail be accepted?
Yes, if an acceptable reason exists

11) Should there be a punishment for players who don't send picks?


12) Standard minimum of TT matches in first rounds


13) Standardizing the OOP:

No - Manager's choice

TB System

14) TB method: The number of sets given to the winner when the player picks the loser (2-1, 3-2 & 3-1 losing picks) should be a tie-breaker before the SR shootout.


15) SR Shootout: Picking the correct winner or SR of a lower SR should have priority over giving a set to the winner when both players pick the loser in a higher SR?


16) PTS:


In PTS tiebreak system: There should be a new points distribution. I manage a game in a small forum where the aim is to have the closest prediction on a match. Distribution system is:

Hitting the winner: 25 pts
Hitting the number of sets played (you can only get points here if you get the winner): 50 pts
Guessing a scoreline on a wrong set (example, you pick player A to win 62 61 and he wins 76 62, you have 6-2 but in a different order): 75 pts each
Guessing a scoreline on the correct set (example, you pick player A to win 63 64 and he hines 63 76, you have 6-3 on the correct position): 125 pts each


17) Qualifying points: There should be points for qualifying wins.


18) There should be a Team Race for the World Tour Finals.



19) Retirements should count for SR and shootout purposes


20) Challenger choices

Continent diversity and lists quality

21) Possible exception: Accepting picks 1/2/3/4/5 minutes after the deadline?

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