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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - Woman virginity is worth $780,000 USD.

What premise Arsen? Lol. You dont understand i was talking about quality of life, not pureness of buying power.

An Atari Videogame was worth 200$ dollars in the 1980's. The same Atari videogame can be bought now for $150, inflation- updated, while at the same time you can buy a better videogame with, lets say, 500$.

Even if the buying power is the same or downgraded, the quality of many products increased.

edit: I am not saying people are bad by nature absolutely, I think the quality of people is determined by the level of instruction or culture we have. Rome, Athens or old Persia were 10 x more perverted and cruel than modern society. People killed their children, assassination was the law and the Hamurabi laws were " eye to eye, teeth to theetg". Modern society however developed stronger ethics and morality that in such natural state, Rousseau/ Hobbes speaking, we werent capable of developing because we were too primitive/ indians.

I am not saying that capitalism will last forever, but I think for the actual moral development is the best system we have, however, in the future, I am capable of changing my idea to something closer to socialism. The thing I believe is: society wasnt prepared to socialism when it struck Russia because neither we had: the technology to live greater lifes, the morals/ethics or even the ambientalism idea we have today ( they created a pollution monster called Russia and now China without any respect for the environment- yet, its more socialism than capitalism).


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