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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - Woman virginity is worth $780,000 USD.

The point of the video isnt exactly to show that humanity is getting better in the speed of light, although if we consider the fact we live longer, we cannot denny the advances. How would we have to desire to create medicines if it wasnt the desire to profit? We arent good people with the desire to treat everyone. We are wolves (Hobbes, Locke) We, humans, will only waste time into something if it can gives us advantages. Otherwise, instead of researching labs, we would have some crazy Flemings guys discovering peniciline by serendipity.

As we can see through the 1800- 1900 data the big majority of countries in that century remanined " poor and sick", with many of that reasons being caused by imperialism and capitalism. I mean, India, China, Brasil and lets say, Latin America were stuck in bad economies, basically exporting agriculture products or being slaves to Great britain comerce demands. So I wont even start about how much those countries are better now than 100 years ago. But the point is- are they better than 200 years before the industrial revolution? I challenge someone in this thread to tell how much humans could live better without technology just as before the industrial revolution, in the time of mercantilism...hmm.

Also Income is probably inflation- updated, so you cant say exactly that the purchase power went down. It most probably stayed the same- with the advantage that now we have technology and more open borders politically speaking, so you can go to Poland every time now . Capitalism demochracy is defeating authoritarianism. Or at least, trying. I mean, in 1950 you could buy a new tv and get a train to Wroclaw to meet Nathii. Now you can get a plane and use the internet with the same pruchase power. Probably a slight better world, maybe not lightyears better than in the 50's, but at least now we can talk with some Madagascar guys using the net lol.

About planned obsolescence: it gives jobs to people in industry. Specially in the lamps ones. A bit less in the Osram ones, probably, because they last a bit longer, I suppose.

But in the end:

The biggest proof that capitalism helped the society in the end are the memes. By helping the internet to develop, capitalism helped ourselves to exercise our collective unconscious to trade much more data that we could ever imagine. The lolcats, the fuck yeah bros and the captain obvious concepts show we are smarter than ever. Hurrah, capitalism!

In the end is all about lifestyles. Fuck yeah, bro.


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