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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - Woman virginity is worth $780,000 USD.

About problems in the near future: - no water -no oil - damages to the environment -Kyoto protocol needs to be observed (environment)

-war: clash of the civilizations: muslim countries want to share the richness in the world. Biggest threats are Iran. Middle west still is hot. The risk of authoritarian governments is lower than 50 years ago, Latin America is " safe" Europe too, the biggest problem is the rise of Muslims in Syria, Egypt, Lybia...

-Main goals: lower the growth rate in India Pakistan Bangladesh, Nigeria. Increase free trade. Spread wealth. Yes, I am a bit malthusian.

-Economical system will probably be reinforced, capitalism must change to some kind of igualitarianism but will probably be a blend between socialism and capitalism, the welfare state should be replaced by some kind of Neo-Neokeynesianism system with the rise of high new powerful technologies employing a lot of people and making them live better lives. Which means: no more mining camps, or poor agriculture, but the help of machines in the agriculture together with the rise of new technological industries. Science is the key.

About woman rights, only one thing: no law will give women the same treatment as men, only education and higher morality and ethics in the society. In other words, women will only be respected when humans start respecting each other, and this will take probably 200 years or more, but I do believe that at one point such protective laws wont be " that " needed.


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