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TT Changes 2013

First of all, thanks for all the suggestions We're now proceeding to the next step of the changes period. This thread will be used to discuss the topics which were brought up in the suggestions thread.

The suggestions are ordered by numbers. You can vote/discuss each of the topics and also reply to posts of other players.

It's not necessary to vote for all the topics, but the players' participation is important for a decision/change to be made.


1) Should players be allowed to play in two places at the same time (the final of a week X event AND the qualifying of a week x+1 event)?

Yes/No? (Current rule: yes)

2) Should players who lose in a Grand Slam qualifying be allowed to play a challenger in the following week?

Yes/No/No if qualifying points are introduced? (Current rule: Yes)

3) GS/IW/Miami week 2 events:

GS R16 - out of qualifying; GS QF - out of MD? (current rule)
Players who're still alive in the GS (or IW/Miami) by Saturday (GS R16) should be out of the 2nd week challengers, MD or qualifying?
Players should be able to commit to the 2nd week challengers only after they're out of the GSs/IW/Miami?

4) Late entries & SE's:

No restrictions? (current rule)
Players who commit as late entries 48 hours or less before the final deadline shouldn't be eligible to receive a SE?
Players who commit as late entries shouldn't be eligible to receive a SE?

5) Doubles commitments:

It should be enough if only a player commits the doubles team? (current rule)
Both players in a partnership should commit/confirm before being accepted in the doubles list?

6) Singles commitments by another person?

Yes/No (Current rule: yes)


7) Late entries & seedings

No restrictions? (current rule)
Late entries shouldn't be seeded?

8) Should there be a restriction to avoid singles R1 matches between doubles partners?

Yes/No (Current rule: no)


9) Should picks which were sent to the person who posted the OOP be accepted?

Yes/No (Current rule: no)

10) Should picks sent by e-mail be accepted?

Yes/No/Facebook? (Current rule: yes)

11) Should there be a punishment for players who don't send picks?

Yes/No (Current rule: no)


12) Standard minimum of TT matches in first rounds (4, 5, 6, 7, no restrictions?)

13) Standardizing the OOP:

No - Manager's choice (Current rule)
Yes - The order should be decided by the number of differences of each match: more diffs -> higher in the SR order?
Yes - The order should be decided by the order of the matches in the official OOP: left to right or top to bottom?

TB System

14) TB method: The number of sets given to the winner when the player picks the loser (2-1, 3-2 & 3-1 losing picks) should be a tie-breaker before the SR shootout.

Yes/No (Curret rule: no)

15) SR Shootout: Picking the correct winner or SR of a lower SR should have priority over giving a set to the winner when both players pick the loser in a higher SR?

Yes/No (Current rule: no)

16) PTS:

Correct order of sets should always beat correct scorelines?
GD should be used as the PTS system?


17) Qualifying points: There should be points for qualifying wins.

Yes/No (Current rule: no)

18) There should be a Team Race for the World Tour Finals.

Yes/No (Current rule: no)


19) Retirements should count for SR and shootout purposes (64 40 ret -> 64 60 win; 46 23 ret -> 46 63 60 win)?

20) Challenger choices: ranking points/entry list quality or diversity of continents/timezones?

21) Possible exception: Accepting picks 1/2/3/4/5 minutes after the deadline?
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