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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - Woman virginity is worth $780,000 USD.

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
The whole reason that such a law would ostensibly be needed is to address perceived problems of under-representation of certain groups of people in the workplace, which isn't limited to just women.
Yes, but is there clear proof that the workplace is intentionally discriminating against women or is it that women are not interested in that area of work?

Also I don't see a similar initiative undertaken for men who are underrepresented in some areas of the workplace.
The fact that women were included in the bill/law isn't surprising, given that it's often the case that there are more men than women in executive positions, especially high-ranking executive positions.
But what about the fact that female CEOs are making more than male CEOs?

Or the fact that unmarried women make more than unmarried men? (,00.html)

Also this video explains is very well:

Basically men and women tend to go into different fields of work, the fields men usually tend to go to are the ones where they can become CEOs of big companies, women don't tend to follow this route.

The video also dispels the myth that women earn less than men.

I mean, I don't agree that women should be given an advantage because we are women or whatever;
Criminal law also in many cases favours women.
we should be given exactly that for which we are qualified or skilled. But I don't think society has become as lopsided as you think, apart from family law issues (sometimes the bias in favour of the woman is actually pretty sexist; it probably spills over from prehistoric days when those laws were formed). If equality were a race, women are the ones trying to catch up with the men, who are miles and miles and kilometres and more miles ahead of us.
Any examples? I see a lot of laws in favour of women nowadays, hardly any that clearly favour men.

Women also more or less earn the same as men.

Women are white knighted to hell and back by men.

In what way are women still catching up with men?
Centuries of discrimination and inequality can't be corrected in a mere 50 or 60 years.
So the solution is to reverse this and discriminate against men?

I don't feel discriminated against because of my gender
So then do you admit that there being more male CEOs than females CEOs isn't because of the fact that women are not promoted solely because of their gender?

Well, that was the accepted social order for a really long time and it was pretty awful, so no.
It wasn't really men controlling society per se, it was basically the rich men controlling society. It was awful for anyone who wasn't rich or had power. It wasn't only women who suffered in those days.

On the other hand, women have never been in a dominant position before, and since women's biological and emotional make-up are different from men's, maybe we would be a lot more fair than you were if we were to be the dominant gender.
Yep the result of which we are seeing today;

Law after law made favouring women in the name of 'equality'.

Children being raised by single mothers without a father influence and in turn losing their natural tendencies and masculinity.

Feminists demanding ridiculous things such as the castration of men and men to be outlawed from urinating while standing up (lolwut?)

Men being portrayed as weak characters in the media and effectively becoming laughing stock.
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