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Re: Week 43 : Seoul (Entry List)

Originally Posted by J99 View Post
Can you say more about his injuries, has he already had surgery?
In this article from today they talk about his injuries:

Google translator sucks with Korean but some of it is still understandable.

Lee, Dong - Yul (21, despite a chronic injury for a tennis racket again caught Hansol Oak Valley) then every time you play the game, growing skills on the tennis court these days, thanks to fun.
Right instep March received a bone chip removal surgery Lee, Dong - Yul took the tennis racket back in July.
2009 ankle injury rehabilitation with surgery instead of scraping, but withstood, Oda symptoms worsen. Inevitable surgery was selected.
Expected to take a long recovery period, but his innate optimistic nature due to injury for the first time in four months, shook.
However, after returning to the tennis courts, the burden of not a few. Neck seemed to start from a clean slate, but of return because
Lee, Dong - Yul good "three years ago, while the 200 top pull up the rankings were injured Again, the best do well when injured and stress was harsh," he confessed.
Urgent relax and can not compete in the tournament world ranking dropped to # 518, but Lee, Dong - Yul did not infringe. Injury to conform beating the game equally important management body that is realized because.
Looks like he has some chronic injury and had to have surgery in the past as well.
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