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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt2)

Originally Posted by arm View Post

american politics my prime minister does not email me

I doubted me, actually.

I ave decided to move to Canada. Doctors (general practitioner) make in average 182 thousand euros a year
I told you already to go to Canada. You didn't listen.

Barack emails me about once a week these days. I expect I'll get them more often now since they seem to be increasing in frequency. I like the ones from Michelle best. They are upbeat and friendly.

Originally Posted by arm View Post
Course with the red cross over. What a week. But its over!

What is your certificate? I took a first responder course one time. It took about 4 days. We learned to splint and how to bandage a sucking chest wound. I never had anything happen to anyone, but I know a woman who was guiding a trip where a woman broke her pelvis or hip and they had to manufacture a stretcher and hike down the canyon to the river. San Juan river, not that it matters.

Originally Posted by Lee View Post

Barack has time to email you?

i filled in my mail-in ballot already. NOT ONE Democrat in my district for state senate and representatives Anyway, they would lose anyway *sign*

And I don't know why Barack/Biden is behind Romney/Ryan on the ballot And again in this election, the voting date in Spanish was wrong on some of the pamphlets/flyers printed and distributed by the county recorder's office. And she wanted me to vote for her again? But she's the only candidate on the ballot
Barack cares about me. He calls me by my first name. I feel his personal interest.

I don't vote for people who have no opponent. I refuse to inflate their vote totals.

Originally Posted by arm View Post
I don't have a car won't be doing much driving here in Coimbra. Just beware if you go to Chaves
I would feel better with you on the long straight roads here. When my neice visited me here, she had a co-worker who asked her if it was really true that there were long straight roads with no traffic like he saw in the movies. So she took a lot of pictures through the windshield.
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