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Re: Political Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by greeneyes7 View Post
... we shouldn't judge Anna by this one picture, but as far as her judgment is concerned, when you go back to a guy who has dumped you twice in the past, tells the whole world he is not going to marry you and he will "have fun until it's over", one really has to wonder.
If this is an open relationship, she does have the same leeway as him, to be fair. Also, I think Marat said marriage, in a general sense, wasn’t for him, not "marriage to Anna". As for "we'll have fun till it's over", that statement is so open-ended, it could mean anything. I imagine that was the idea when he said it, who knows? But it's really their business.

Originally Posted by greeneyes7 View Post
Politically speaking, each country and each participant has their own view on things and hopefully can say what they feel, Marat included.
Two young mothers got two years’ hard labour for saying what they felt, and Marat dismissed them with complacent, self-righteous indifference. And even if he were sympathetic to their cause, he wouldn't be free to say so, if he wanted to keep his job.

Originally Posted by greeneyes7 View Post

... If he thinks they are stupid girls, I guess that's what he thinks.
That's the level at which he thinks. So far it doesn’t appear that he grasps the bigger picture.
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