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Re: Racket head speed of pros vs recs?

Originally Posted by out_grinder View Post
By racket head speed I'm talking literal racket head speed. Not in relation to hitting a ball. Just how fast you can physically swing a racket.

Say you swing a racket into a concrete wall and the concrete wall can somehow detect how much force you supplied on decimating the racket. You're a rec tennis player but a rec tennis player with a history in elite strength training. You threw javelin for your country. And you're up against Nadal.

My guess is that Nadal is going to hit the concrete wall about 5 - 10x harder than you with his racket.

What do you think?
Possibly a bit harder, perhaps not 10x.

It's much more distinctive at serve, as it takes much, much more technique to produce a powerful shot, compared to FH.
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