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Re: 2012 Photo Thread

Originally Posted by monkey247 View Post

People seem more disappointed than delusional to me. Perhaps you could share a few personal feelings on the subject, instead of taking forum members to task, based on your own (rather extreme) assumptions about their thinking. To have generalised hopes about Marat's political career isn't the same thing as forging "delusional" expectations that he'd "rebel against the party" and "be a political figure with his own speech and stand". All he had to do was keep his mouth shut, as mer said. He didn't need to say anything contentious.

It's not a particularly flattering photo, but belittling her for her looks and intelligence is pointless and on the same level as Marat's remarks about Pussy Riot. At least she doesn't dress like a sex object or blab to the press about her relationship. Whatever doubts she may have about him or their relationship, I'm sure she would be heartbroken at having to walk away, if her self-respect commanded it. She may even love him and stand by him precisely because he's such a primitive. Either way, she's probably better than he deserves.
You are on fire really. I hope you don't take it as an extrem affirmation. Honestly you should take what people say more lightly. I understand that you need to moderate and for sure my reply was in the wrong part of this forum. But also for sure it wasn't my intention in any way to take forum members to task. And that was a rather personal oppinion and didn't quote anyone. And also dissapointment comes from high expectations? or wrong expectations? I think I still have the know how like everybody in the world about universal emotions.

As for Ana D: people can get uglier when they get botched by plastic surgery and this has nothing to do with the what they are inside. But wait a minute this is exactly what happens it says a lot about her inside too: that she is trying to fit in a mould and she's rather insecure against the fact that initially she was a rather pleasent girl tall and blonde and everything. And maybe as you said it can have a direct link with her relationship. In which case I agree she's probably better than he deserves.

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I would love to see that!

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