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Re: Will Raonic hit 1000+ aces this season?

Originally Posted by Pratik View Post
With only Paris left, Isner is at 990 aces, and Raonic at 966.
Isner will definitely reach 1000 aces for the second time in his career.(he did it in 2010)
Raonic probably will too, but another first round(possibly even a second round) exit would leave him a few short.
Agree Isner is lock right now, even if he will loose his only match in Paris, he should hit 10 aces even in straight set loss

But in Milos´s case i would say he won´t hit another 34-with his current form and everything i would say he needs to play 3 matches, 2 matches probably won´t be enough and i am not so sure he can win 2 matches in Paris

Also i don´t understand those stats exactly, why are not DC WG matches counted - if so than Isner alredy has 1000 and Milos had 20+aces vs Bennetou so he would be close, - aces are not counted, but serve speed record and points for ranking are .... weird double-measurement, also Olympics were counted, if Milos ends up few aces short he actually did it with DC - it would be similar case to LJubicic´s when CRO won DC he ends up short but played 7 matches in DC with many tie-breaks and indoor HC, carpet and US fast HC so he was easily over 1000

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