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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I have played for a total of 6 years and had natural talent in the sport. I first picked up a racket at 14 and got taught by my soon to be high school coach. He said I had some talent in the sport and could do well if I kept it up.

I started in highschool on Junior varsity 4 doubles and ended up at 3 singles my senior year .

My Senior Year is what my game is today.

Forehand: Pretty damn consistent, have good topspin and control with it. Though I can make it flat and hard if need be. Of course I can get a little wild with my FH, making it go long. Overall best stroke.
BackHand: Very consistent and solid. Love hitting monster backhands crosscourt or down the line.
Slice: Barely use only to play a drop shot. Sometimes if I'm goofing around, I do mega slice and make the ball go spinning off the court XD.
Drop shot: Love drop shots, forcing my opponents at net!
Volley: Not my best part of my game. HighSchool coach had me work on this when I moved up to singles. Still struggle with it when doing singles. In doubles I do very well and hit great volleys.
Overhead:Is ok, not the best
Serve: Meh, always been one of my weakpoints. My first serve has some pace and can be solid, but if I miss, I hit a terrible second serve.
Speed: I can get to balls people don't expect me to.
Stamina: Very solid, I have a lot of energy.
Footwork: I'm definitely not a statue.

Overall I would rate myself at a 3.5 on the tennis scale. Solid enough, going to try out for the tennis team next year.

Also keep the posts coming interesting to hear all the DESK GOATS posting about their games

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