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Re: TT 2012 - Wild cards?

I agree with a WC system but only if it is given in 1 of the following 4 ways

1) Winner of a challenger can get you a WC into an ATP event.

2) Some sort of challenger based points system you earn WC points which you can use to get ATP wildcards. This is similar to those suggested a points based system but IMO it should only be for challengers because those who win atp events usually don't need them

3) Everyone has the ability to ask for 4 WC's per year, 1 WC into a 250, 1 WC into a 500, 1 into a 1000 and 1 into a GS. You ask for a WC publicly on the thread when you commit(as long as you do so before the deadline. Each tournament is allotted so many WC's and they are drawn randomly by the manager among those who asked for one. If you don't get the WC then you do not get to ask for another one at an event of equal level, you used your ask up an unfortunately lost the draw.

4) Similar to #3 except instead of everyone getting 1 WC ask at each level event everyone gets 8 asking points, when you ask for a slam WC you lose all 8 points, asking at a 1000 costs 4 points, asking at a 500 costs 2 points and asking at a 250 costs 1. Like number 3, WC are drawn by the manager among those who ask before the deadline but after they commit. If you lose the draw you don't get your points back

I don't agree with nationality WC or giving WC to managers to reward them

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