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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

I started playing tennis at 6.

I think I am talented. I once considered getting a professional player license and trying out in some futures qualifying. Maybe I still will, just for fun.

My forehand has strange technique, but I can hit it pretty hard. My backhand is very smooth and flat. My first serve and second serve are very similar and I serve up to 90 mph. My volleying skills are pretty good- I can hit great reflex volleys but mess up on the easy ones. I'm fairly fast, and I like to slide kind of like Djokovic.

Sometimes I just hit random shots and don't run. I don't have much discipline on court (but I don't get angry or anything). I am really consistent when I want to be consistent, however I always go for my shots. Sometimes I enter streaks where every shot I hit close to the line goes in.

Yeah, I'm a high level tennis player. I could probably beat some WTA journeywomen pushers.
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