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Re: The "Who plays tennis?" thread

Originally Posted by Looner View Post
I know there is a thread about introductions, etc, however, it'd be great to have one where everyone can share how often they play the game, how good (they/others think) they are, etc - their tennis resume of sorts.

Many have argued in GM about posters' technical knowledge and their lack of playing experience which prevents them from understanding the game. By laying out your tennis CV, you'd be able to make a valid claim for a proper, acknowledged pundit (by reasonable posters). Of course, you can still be very well acquainted with the game and totally disregard this thread but I hope you don't and it can become a success.

Finally, the thread is not only limited to just tennis history intros but also about analysis and sharing some opinions on how to play the game for the tennis noobs of this world.

I'll start off. I don't play tennis at all. The only time I played was when I was 5 on some clay courts but I do not remember much about it except I had to jump to hit a ball.

I then rediscovered tennis when I played a video game and actually learned the scoring system of the game. It may sound stupid but once I knew the rules I really wanted to watch and have been following properly ever since. I play quite a lot of table tennis when I have the time but I am not sure if that helps me with tennis itself (pretty sure they are not that similar at all).

The floor is yours ladies/gentlemen.
What an ironic question. Why would someone who doesn't play tennis would be interested in spending any significant time posting in a tennis forum.

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