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Re: 2012 Photo Thread

Originally Posted by flender View Post

c'mon monkey .... is that the reason your avatar change hehe
Handsome is as handsome does.

Originally Posted by rosespower View Post
every person who enters in political group becomes corrupted (speaking about values). and marat is the same of course there must have been a grain in him (that is why he joined this party) but now that he is actually in it he will say whatever the political party opinionates.
Easily said with the benefit of hindsight, but when Marat did the rounds last year in the primaries, it was as a non-partisan candidate advocating better sports facilities and a healthier lifestyle. Fairly neutral ground, politically speaking, and certainly nothing to indicate conclusively that he would one day "say whatever the political party opinionates".

Also I question whether people are automatically corrupted by the mere fact of entering party politics. It depends very much on the individual.

Originally Posted by rosespower View Post
what did you expect people ... going to the bottom of this. Marat was a tenisman. He was not an academic genius or a political revolutionaire so to expect that he will somehow rebel against the party and be a political figure with his own speech and stand is delusional.
People seem more disappointed than delusional to me. Perhaps you could share a few personal feelings on the subject, instead of taking forum members to task, based on your own (rather extreme) assumptions about their thinking. To have generalised hopes about Marat's political career isn't the same thing as forging "delusional" expectations that he'd "rebel against the party" and "be a political figure with his own speech and stand". All he had to do was keep his mouth shut, as mer said. He didn't need to say anything contentious.

Originally Posted by rosespower View Post
Ana D is uglier or is just me?
Originally Posted by greeneyes7 View Post
I think the last year must have worn on Anna D (D for dumb). Can't see a bright woman accepting the rules he sets down in a relationship
It's not a particularly flattering photo, but belittling her for her looks and intelligence is pointless and on the same level as Marat's remarks about Pussy Riot. At least she doesn't dress like a sex object or blab to the press about her relationship. Whatever doubts she may have about him or their relationship, I'm sure she would be heartbroken at having to walk away, if her self-respect commanded it. She may even love him and stand by him precisely because he's such a primitive. Either way, she's probably better than he deserves.

Originally Posted by mikomonstr View Post
Hi all, especially Monkey! Have been dealing with "life," lately, so haven't been on here at all. The man is still gorgeous, but I'm going to have to "break up with him." It's been leaning that way for awhile, but I just cannot abide by what he states and stands for anymore, and it makes me sad. ... I'd still like to drop by and see how everybody is here. Hope all is well with everybody!
Miko! I hope Life is treating you with due reverence! Don't be a stranger, OK? As for me, should I stay or should I go? Hmmm ... Well, at this point, I think the only way Marat can possibly redeem himself (seeing as he can't secure Pussy Riot's release) is to do a Gangnam Style parody "Moscow Style", with him, Putin and Patriarch Kirill dance-fighting in balaclavas in the Kremlin. Instead of a cokestorm @0.39, maybe some rubles blowing about. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll forgive him ...

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