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Re: There might have been a time where I would give myself away.

Originally Posted by Orange Wombat View Post
Due to the massive overpopulation in Africa and Southeast Asia, spreading the homosexual movement to these areas would actually do some good. (If you see what I mean )
Forced sterilization is the best way to ensure a reduction in baby making but I don't see anyone going for that in this day and age

I've always wondered what gay couples would do if they wanted children. What's the most popular option, do you think? Adoption works, but I'm not sure if the biological mothers or hospitals are willing to give a child to a gay couple, with all the homophobia.
Adoption is obviously a viable option, but often not the best one. Adoption agencies in many states cannot discriminate on the basis of sexuality, however, the lack of legal recognition of same-sex couples federally equals significant increases in scrutiny, legal paperwork, and less protection, issues in terms of what name the child takes, what name the same-sex family takes. Once a biological mother legally gives her child up to an adoption agency, she technically is no longer the parent. So she cannot legally say "no, X couple cannot have the child" because it isn't up to her, unless she decides to take back the kid. Which has/does happened. There are also severe issues revolving around same-sex couples adopting foreign children.

The main issue comes down to DOMA. Same-sex couples are not federally recognized. If they were, if they were legally recognized as MARRIED, then these issues all go away. Just another reason why marriage equality is absolutely imperative.

Getting some girl pregnant and taking away her kid is crazy and immoral. Maybe test tube babies?? All these ideas are so strange...
It's not strange at all, really. Just different. It may sound bad on the surface, a woman carrying a child for nine months just to give her away, but that is a very simplistic view. The woman has to agree to do it and in most cases she is a major part of that child's life post-birth. A lot of men and women are kind enough to be a facilitator in helping same-sex couples have kids. Many lesbians will go in-vitro, for themselves and often for male couples. A lot of same-sex couples have kids from previous heterosexual relationships.

What needs to be remembered is same-sex couples have to actually seek and want kids to have them. Whereas many, heck, maybe even most, births from straight couples are accidental or coincidental. What's most important are the children and they having a healthy, loving family to live and learn with.
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