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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt2)

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Snoo Foo told a story about two club players. She had stuck around to cheer on her friend who was an older guy and clearly outclassed by his young opponent. She and a couple of others wanted to support him knowing he would lose. But the old guy kept hanging in the points and kept bothering his young opponent with his steadiness and refusal to go away even when he was behind and losing. The young guys agitation kept growing and growing until finally he broke his racquet and sprayed e She aquipment around the court and grabbed his bag and left. LEFT THE COURT! Even though he was winning. He couldn't take it. She was flabbergasted.

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Nina's fine. Sure she's aggressive in her defense of Nole, but I think the reason she gets grief is because she is a woman. Most of the men who post on GM are 10 times worse than she is. She rarely takes pot shots at other posters and doesn't engage in name calling of other players as to 8 out of 10 GM posters. If she were a man, she'd be considered an average poster who supports her favorite, but because she's a woman, people discount her knowledge and dismiss her as a "fangirl."

Sorry. I didn't mean to get into this, but I think Nina takes a lot of undeserved grief on this board. And I think the reason is that posters here think she doesn't "keep to her place" as befits a woman posting on MTF.

Exactly! Posters she takes pot shots at are the ones constantly harass her in the first place and I have never seen her bad mouthing other players.
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