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Re: Tennis tipping #43c - Porto Alegre - OOP posted #109 (deadline = Monday 1PM CEST

TT Schedule of Play – Monday

Court One

(5) justafanYYC (CAN) vs. Goldmund (GER) 0-0
(7) direnan (SWE) vs. procarvalho (BRA) 0-0
Rafael Fernando (BRA) vs. (3) Thunderfish8 (USA) 1-0

Not before 3:00PM
(1) Cheeky Chick (GBR) vs. mariagsc1 (BRA) 0-0
MESSS (BRA) vs. (2) jackjones (BRA) 0-0
Samuel Guilherme (BRA) vs. (8) buji (IND) 1-0

Court Two
11:00 AM
nicksimioni (SWE) vs. Guibrugnara (BRA) 0-0
brimoz (BRA) vs. jpaulo1610 (BRA) 0-0
Machado & Gil (POR) vs. germah(BRA) 0-0

Not before 3:00PM
(4) RHB1993 (GER) vs. rneves (BRA) 0-1
mae (USA) vs. Walter Hitzschky (BRA) 0-0

Not before 5:00PM
Guibrugnara/rafagami (BRA/BRA) vs. (4) Cheeky Chick/Thunderfish8 (GBR/USA)
pedrogalvao/leozanelatto (BRA/XXX) vs. (2) justafanYYC/Goldmund (CAN/GER)

Court Three
Milton (BRA) vs. cah_ (BRA) 0-1
Kev. (AUS) vs. (6) jahrastaman_BR (SWE) 0-1
(Q) Don Corleone (BRA) vs. rafagami (BRA) 0-0
(1) RHB1993/buji (GER/IND) vs. direnan/mariagsc1 (SWE/BRA)
Samuel Guilherme/Felipe Abe (BRA/BRA) vs. jpaulo1610/brimoz (BRA/BRA)
(3) jackjones/jahrastaman_BR (BRA/SWE) vs. mae/rneves (USA/BRA)

Court TBA
(Q) Broseghini (BRA) vs. cswab22 (USA) 0-0
geangr (BRA) vs. (Q) Kissing_Rain (CHN) 0-0
nicksimioni/Milton (SWE/BRA) vs. Thales de Mileto/Gillouthe best (BRA/ESP)
Kev./Broseghini (AUS/BRA) vs. cah_/germah (BRA/BRA)
geangr/cswab22 (BRA/USA) vs. MESSS/procarvalho (BRA/BRA)

For your information, in grey and underlined, there are the past results between the two players

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