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Re: Stand up against bullying & for LGBT youth by going purple for Spirit Day on 10/1

Originally Posted by Blue Heart24 View Post
Gay jokes? If you joke about something,it doesn't mean you feel hate towards it.The same goes for gay jokes.And I doubt the people who insult you do so because you are gay.

Also,you are an hypocrite on so many levels.What about your Church "jokes"? You deliberately abuse Jesus pics/quotes just to show your disrespect towards religion and people who are religious.That's tolerance and equality?

People should be treated equally whatever their sexual orientation is.And yet you constantly invade this forum by displaying your gay preferences.You are gay,so what? You have the right to be and to live your life the way you want.Why do you have the need to constantly rant about it on a tennis forum?
You constantly insult other people,and when they get back to you,you act like you are innocent and report every post.

So before you call me homophobic,if it's not clear from what's written above,I'm against any kind of discrimination.Spirit Day is a good initiative and there should be more stuff like this for all kinds of things.
This thread is a safe space from insults and homophobia. If you want to have a personal conversation with me, do it in my thread. Please delete this post, and copy&paste to to my thread. Thank you.
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