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Re: Suicide Tennis: Swiss Indoors Basel

Players List

Winning The Title - [500 points]

Losing Pick on Day 7 - [300 points]
CheekyChick      Benneteau, Bellucci, Mathieu, Youzhny,
                 del Potro, Federer, no pick
CoolyBri         Benneteau, Anderson, Mathieu, Youzhny,
                 Gasquet, del Potro, Federer 
Fickelgruber     Benneteau, Bellucci, Gasquet, Youzhny.
                 Federer, del Potro, no pick                                                                    
RoddickFan       Benneteau,Chiudinelli, Mathieu, Youzhny                                                                    
                 Del Potro, Federer, no pick
sfar             Gasquet, Bellucci, Mathieu, Youzhny,
                 del Potro, Federer. no pick
Losing Pick on Day 6 - [180 points]
Losing Pick on Day 5 - [100 points]
Spain007    Benneteau, Bellucci, Mathieu,Youzhny, no pick
Boarder35m  Benneteau, Bellucci, Mathieu, Youzhny,Dimitrov
Hyperren    Benneteau, Bellucci, Mathieu, Paire,Dimitrov
Infinity    Benneteau, Youzhny, Mathieu, Anderson,Dimitrov
jfrtennis   Benneteau, Bellucci, Gasquet, Youzhny,Dimitrov
Kondrashov  Benneteau, Youzhny, Mathieu, Anderson,Dimitrov
purtov45    Gasquet, Bellucci, Mathieu, Del Potro,Dimitrov
Losing Pick on Day 4 - [50 points]
J99              Benneteau, Bellucci, Mathieu, no pick
Coolfish1103     Benneteau, Youzhny, Mathieu, Davydenko
RNW              Benneteau, Youzhny, Mathieu, Matosevic
Losing Pick on Day 3 - [25 points]

Jovard         Gasquet, Youzhny, no pick
Marto          Gasquet, Bellucci, Seppi
rvugt          Benneteau, Bellucci, Seppi
Losing Pick on Day 2 - [10 points]

*Jean*                   Benneteau, Stepanek
156mphserve              Benneteau, Stepanek
abollo                   Benneteau, Wawrinka
AdderA216                Benneteau, Wawrinka
Bashkatik                Benneteau, no pick
Björki                   Benneteau, Stepanek
Broseghini               Gasquet, Wawrinka
Cava                     Gasquet, Stepanek
Cswab22                  Gasquet, Garcia-Lopez
Chowdahead25             Benneteau, Hanescu
Diego36arg               Benneteau, no pick
Direnan                  Federer, Stepanek
DirtyDirty               Benneteau, Stepanek
Dudisela75               Benneteau, no pick
Dupuis2006               Benneteau, Stepanek                                                                    
EddyDoubleD              Gasquet, Stepanek
ESimp                    Benneteau, no pick
FrankWinkler             Benneteau, Wawrinka                                                                    
gulzhan                  Benneteau, Wawrinka 
Hellcat                  Gasquet, Stepanek                                                                   
igmIGM                   Gasquet, Stepanek
kamui010                 Benneteau,  Stepanek
KittyTennis              Benneteau, Wawrinka
Litotes                  Benneteau, Stepanek
Magdalena Ry             Gasquet, Stepanek 
Nix da                   Benneteau, Garcia-Lopez 
NyGel                    Benneteau, no pick
P.R.                     Benneteau, Wawrinka                                                                    
Pschhh                   Kubot, Stepanek
Puschkin                 Benneteau, Stepanek
Qczi                     Benneteau, Stepanek                                                                   
Raffaella                Benneteau, Wawrinka                                                                    
Smidster                 Benneteau, Stepanek 
Supertec                 Gasquet, Stepanek
Toooom                   Gasquet, Stepanek
Tulipe                   Benneteau, Wawrinka                                                                    
Waldaukönig              Benneteau, Stepanek                                                                    
Zenjo                    Benneteau, Wawrinka
Losing Pick on Day 1 - [1 point]

ronim1                              Lacko


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