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Originally Posted by Freak3yman84 View Post
When I first started playing Tennis, I was automatically a pusher. It's like I was just meant to be a pusher. It's horrible, because I hate playing the pushing style, but oh well. My pushing is very severe, in that if I play aggressively I'd lose every match without a doubt. I'm not the tapping kind of pusher though, I do hit normal strokes. My serve is what helps me the most. My return is also good, I return fast serves with ease. Most of the points I win are off my 1st serve, but my 2nd serve is a liability. I usually just tap it in

My backhand is a very awkward shot. I hit with such a unique grip that the ball does not have any real pace on it. Instead it kind of just dies in the court, and it is a really good change-up. I want to improve my backhand to get it to the point where I can hit it through the court instead of it just dropping. My forehand has a lot of topspin and can be really good. My main problem with my forehand is that I shank very often, and it costs me a lot of points.

The worst part of my game without a doubt is my volleys. I can hit good approach shots, and when I'm at net it's hard to get the ball past me. But even when I have the easiest of volleys, I tend to always hit it right back to my opponent. It's horrible really, and I also can't hit overheads well at all. I can get into a winning position, but when I do I just hand the ball right back to my opponent.

People hate playing against me, as I have the ability to frustrate the hell out of my opponents. I am very fast and get to a lot of balls, which makes my opponent have to hit 5 or 6 good shots to get it past me. One other thing that makes my opponents angry is that when I'm in a position where there's no doubt I can win the point, I'll hit the ball to where my opponent can just barely get to a ball and then I'll put it away. it really exhausts my opponents.

In the long run I'm going to get more spin on my 2nd serve, hit through my backhand, shank less on my forehand, and improve my net game.

P.S. I am a world class choker. I cannot finish of my opponents well at all. That's also something I will work on.
I can,t stand pushers ! Lol lost 2 sets to a pusher today , just gets everything back I go into net he lobs it over my head hitting so hard that eventually they either go long or in the net . He,s good at drop shots as well.

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