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Re: News and articles about David

Edda I'm bringing this over from another board because I guess, if I start elaborating on this, this discussion will become more appropriate on the Ferrer forum:

Originally Posted by Edda View Post
It surprises me that Ferru can't speak better English, because I've heard him give interviews in Italian. He likes to read and study, so it surprises me that he hasn't learned to speak better.
Did you actually hear him speak Italian? I know he understands it because once an Italian journalist asked if she could ask him a question in Italian and he said it was OK (and apparently understood). I wondered if he could speak as well.

I'm sure he could learn English if he had time to actually study it. When you stop studying at 17, you forget a lot, especially if you didn't have a great level in the first place (and believe me... when I see the level my students have - students who have actually chosen English as their major! - I assume the general level of people who studied English only until the age of 17 is pretty low).
He's already bilingual anyway, as many Spaniards are (Catalan/Castillan) and that normally helps. Italian is also quite easy for Spanish people, all these languages, French/Italian/Spanish/Catalan etc, they are very close to one another. English does share some vocabulary with latin languages but otherwise it's really completely different.
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