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Re: Stand up against bullying & for LGBT youth by going purple for Spirit Day on 10/1

Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
I won't be posting in the whole forum in purple, I like the forum as it is, but I'm 100% with this.

Still, I think Filo see homophobia where it isn't and he should relax a bit and doesn't be that paranoid. The world is evolving every day it pass. And people is people, no matter his skin, sexual orientation, job, genre or whatever.
Thank you for your support and kind words, but on this forum, homophobia is very, very real. There are many anti-gay posters, specifically many Eastern European straight guys, and some Latin American guys. I see posters here slinging faggot all the time, gay jokes, and of course, insults directed at me. But I don't let it bother me. I just call it out as that sort of hate should not go unchecked.

Like you put perfectly, society is evolving, the bigots among us better get it together or get left behind!
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