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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - Tripwires Rises.......

Originally Posted by Thanos View Post
well i said when she left to england that her parents could adopt me. she didn't answer me about the adoption, so we have to see what happens. anyways even i do go to singapore, i'm going to stay in trips room after the adoption. trips and i can roleplay games of thrones season one, where she can be cersei and myself jaime lannister.
I thought I did answer you? Anyway the answer is contingent on my seeing your pic. I don't think my parents would be up to adopting a crazy-looking person, so I have to make sure that you look okay.

As to the second part, ew, gross.

i think you should call your baby marin and try to convince your husband it's a good aryan name. speaking of aryans.... look at new princess from disney, she suppose to be latina....

white as ghost and big blue eyes.... that really represent the latin american majority.

Originally Posted by Thanos View Post
late december/early january nothing in stone yet. the heat is starting to become unbearable... so it will be nice for cooler climate.

anyways i changed the title for you
Omg. Can you keep this title for the remainder of this volume's lifespan?

I'm going on 16 (?) December. School starts again 15 January so I'm probably coming back a couple of days before that.

Roger Federer

Originally Posted by Matt01 View Post
Fed's groundstrokes never were that good to begin with.
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