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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt2)

I started watching because of you guys.

Adam and Blake are cute together.

I guess Christina is leaving after this season. I find it hard to meld the put together Christina on the show and the pictures of Christina being half carried out of clubs.

I'm sure the Voice is scripted and it's producers calling the shots more than it is the "stars" working hard with the contestants, but the feel of it is a lot softer than the X Factor with it's really loud graphics and super scripted show. I mean, am I supposed to believe that someone is singing out by the swimming pool with full band accompaniment and perfect sound? Uh no. That sound only comes from a studio. And then I have to see Demi Lavato with full extensions and a HAT? Horrors. I am surprised that Britney seems so real. But I had to give an ironic smile when she talked to a young girl about whether she was able to handle the pressures of the business.

I'm in kind of a black, cynical mood today. So, maybe I sound harsh. Dunno. Not unhappy, just have my more Eastern European outlook today.
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