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How Nadal can balance his play with knee issues in the future?

Hard courts have always been tough on Rafa's knees and as his participation in Acapulco shows,it seems as if Nadal is planning to focus more on clay than ever and likely avoid slow hardcourt if possible. But my point is that why hasn't Nadal adapted his game more effectively to hard court even though he has all the tools to so? Consider this:

1. Rafa's serve at the US Open 2010: If nadal can develop a serve in order to win a major, surely he can do so in order to enhance his hard court career. Using his USO 2010 serve would give him plenty of free points, making him less dependent on rallies. Why hasn't his team worked on this? Or was that serve a fluke or something?

2. Flatter groundstrokes: If you watch the video of the Miami 2004 game vs Roger, Rafa's groundstrokes used to be much flatter back then and his loopy forehand hadn't developed. Given that Rafa has already achieved enough on clay to be called GOAT, should'nt he try to go back to the flatter style of play in order to enhance his legacy on hard courts/WTF etc.?

3. Volleys: Improving his already good volleys and coming to the net more often to ensure shorter points instead of standing way behind the baseline

My basic point here is that Rafa needs to improve his HC record if wants to compete for overall GOAT in the future. Why not adapt his game more to the hard courts instead of focusing even more on clay on which he is already a GOAT, which Rafa seems to be doing with his decision to play acapulco. He already has the tools to improve his HC play, why doesn't he choose to use them?
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