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Re: Your buddy/ignore list!

Originally Posted by MTwEeZi View Post

Originally Posted by MTwEeZi
Ignore List
ahadabans (annoying)
BroTree123 (trying too hard)
Drusilla (ugly pic)
Hewitt =Legend (very annoying)
Hian (spammer)
kingiskingfineon (boring)
Leng Jai (attention whore)
Mountaindewslave (annoying)
Rodre Fegassi (annoying)
ServeVolley (glib)
Sunset of Age (clown)

BackhandDTL (overly descriptive)
Freak3yman84 (bad at trolling)
I got curious, as I've never heard of a couple of these before, so I searched for posts. kingiskingfineon doesn't exist according to the search function. Typo? Else he/she changed the name. If someone changes their name, will that new name then show up in the ignore list? That would be my assumption. If correct, you might have another name there now.
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