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Re: News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti

Mer and Monkey: Great observations about our once revered Marat. Don't know if he was always really this way or if the past year has changed him but I think some of it was lurking all the time. The Pussy Riot remark was, in my opinion, a show of "women need to know their place," the same attitude he has about his own "relationship" with the walking manikin. He does what he wants and she takes it. Of course that's her lack of self esteem in my view. Anyway, overall, it is what it is and we are just followers of this whole thing can just take it in and make our own opinions. You two, however, speak with intelligence and foresight. Perhaps he should have a face to face with you two and let us see how he comes out!! Good job.

You too Inez, especially you. Great observations and comments. You pretty much said it all.

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