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Re: Has anyone been to the BNP Paribas Masters in Paris Bercy?

Originally Posted by Gustavo Kuerten View Post
That must be annoying! Under which circumstances does the fainting usually happen?
Well... It depends; I think I really fainted about 4 times. But I've been very close to fainting a number of other times as well.

The first time, it was after having undergone anaesthetics for an operation. I fainted twice in a row during my piano lesson, my teacher was scared out of her mind! Apparently, it happens to some people.

Then, it often happens when I'm in a place that's too warm and confined. It happened once on a bus, and once on a plane. There was no specific reason. Once I almost fainted during an exam session which I was supposed to invigilate (I was tired, and it was also too warm), but I recovered.

And also, hypoglycemia makes me faint. Once I really fainted after having food poisoning (since I was so sick and could not eat, I must have had nothing left in my body to sustain me, I fainted and hurt my neck pretty badly when I fell - that was the worst). And recently, I almost fainted while queuing in a very crowded place to buy some food (we were having a very late lunch, so I guess the hypo + overcrowding + heat combination was responsible).

EDIT: And also, I forgot that one, but recently I donated blood for the first time, and I felt perfectly fine during the process, but I very nearly fainted afterwards. I was kind of expecting that one, though, and so were the nurses so it was OK.

So yeah it's quite annoying, especially when you injure yourself while falling. Otherwise, it's only embarrassing when you wake up and everyone's looking at you

Originally Posted by Gustavo Kuerten View Post
A Russian cyclist called Berzin (yes I know it's weird and no ones knows him anymore apart from me - that's why it was relatively easy to meet him )
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