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Re: Problem finishing sets, matches

Originally Posted by vojomocart View Post
I play amateur tennis, obviously why I post .
I play with various people on local small amateur tourneys- I also play with people I know from clubs.

I have problem to finish the match when I am playing worse players than me.

I am better player than my opponents and I lead 5:0 or 5:1 . And all of sudden my game starts to disappear, to fall apart.

Double Faults, stupid shots with no point, afraid to take the shot, making shots in the middle of the court.....

And then I start to panic and all of a sudden it is 5:5!

What to do, it is really frustrating , really do not know what to do!
What you describe is typical. Tennis is somewhat unique in that there is no clock, no matter how big your lead you can still lose, and you have to finish to win. Most players think too much about the situation they are in, in particular the score. The fact is, because you can always win, or lose, no matter how big you or your opponent's lead is, doesn't it make sense that - until the match is over - the score is irrelevant?

IMO, there are only 2 things you should focus on in a tennis match: (1) executing your shots, one shot at a time, and (2) executing your gameplan one point at a time. The last point is over, the next point is irrelevant. Focus only on winning THIS POINT. Most players get distracted by irrelevancies, like the score, the pressure builds and they tighten up mentally and physically. When that happens, they literally are not executing their shots correctly (not moving their feet, not setting up for each shot, not watching the ball, etc., etc.), and their gameplan goes out the window. But, when you focus only on executing your shots and your gameplan, and play only to win one point at a time, you avoid the thoughts that add pressure and impair your execution.

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