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Re: News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti

Originally Posted by mer View Post
He has basically repeated Putin's comments on this issue who said that they got what they wanted and that the judge "slapped them with twopence" (not sure how to translate Putin's slang.) So, if a president can speak publicly like that (speak before verdict is confirmed mind you), what can we expect from MP of his ruling party
I don't know. I was under the impression that Marat was non-partisan, and that his joining the Popular Front was simply a means to get elected. And even if he is a fully paid up member of United Russia, it doesn't necessarily follow that he would use the same base rhetoric as Putin.

I guess I know what to expect now.

Originally Posted by AnnieNik View Post
Sadly the majority in any system rules, hence it changes/adopts/assimilates the "different" and they become just like them
That's certainly true of anyone who lacks rigorous self-knowledge (which is probably in fact the majority), and that's why there needs to be a different kind of human being transforming the system from within, or we are all screwed, to put it bluntly. For example, if the Dalai Lama were dropped into the Duma, right into the lap of United Russia, I imagine he'd remain true to his values and work to influence the political environment for the better. Not that I thought Marat was like the Dalai Lama. Just that he should be more like him.

Originally Posted by inez View Post

Sadly, I can no longer give him the 'benefit of the doubt' or even, to be honest, believe that he has somehow been 'corrupted' by the system - frankly, it's easier, but less palatable - to conclude that he went into politics BECAUSE he tacitly agrees with Putin's view of the world ...
Exactly! That's exactly what got me: the abrupt realisation that the greatest influence on Marat seems to have been his own ignorance world view, rather than any party, leader or system. His self-contradiction may have been charming and ironic-sounding in his tennis days, but now he's an MP, it smacks more of someone conveniently blind to his own faults, and in a political setting it's not hard to see where this leads. You end up being able to justify the unjustifiable and unlawful.

Originally Posted by inez View Post
I am willing to bet that he gave up twitter around June- ever since his sudden re-appearance at the begining of the month, NONE of his tweets ring true, to be honest - the spelling and the phrasing are totally at odds with what we know to be his grasp of English...but anyway - some minion for ER no doubt posting in his place these days...
I'd love it if this were true, because the constant arse-kissing that comes from one particular quarter (and I don't mean the gay porn maniac) would be utterly to no avail.

Originally Posted by inez View Post
... but I wish they would report the troll who I think we all know who is busy trashing his timeline with gay porn - not a good look for an ER poli.....and pretty much puts anyone else off tweeting genuine questions..
I agree. From what I can glean from this nutjob's tweets, Marat told him to f*** off, before blocking him. Then again, it might just be pure fantasy, like everything else he tweets.

Originally Posted by inez View Post

Rant over ...
No, a superb post.

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