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Re: News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti

I really thought I had made my last comment after reading his views in this latest 'interview - especially following on from the previous article........but I am a wordy bitch and can't resist throwing my six-penneth ( or two) into the debate:

Sadly, I can no longer give him the 'benefit of the doubt' or even, to be honest, believe that he has somehow been 'corrupted' by the system - frankly, it's easier, but less palatable - to conclude that he went into politics BECAUSE he tacitly agrees with Putin's view of the world - namely, Russia is in the middle of the universe and everywhere else is just an ignorant inconvenient impediment to Russia's ascent back to greatness and the rest of the world's opinion doesn't matter becasue they just don't "understand" - which has alwasy been Putin's rallying cry - of course Marat is correct - Russia IS a huge contry with (Theoretically) HUGE potential - but not until they throw off the shackles of the mentality of the Peasant and the Baron - the history of Russia is and remains essentially FEUDAL

Sure, the peasants are no longer owned by the Tzar, or owned by a communist dictator - now they are owned by the Kremlin which in turn has subdued the influence of the oligarchs who live under the shadow of show trials and jail - so still, there is no sense of what personal freedom - and the attendant concept of individual responsibity - actually means within the ordinary Russian's mind-set - the social ills that have beset the population as a result of the catastrophe of the Yeltsin era are clear for all to see in the terribel drug and alcoholism issues that have pushed the average Russian man's life expectancy down to third world levels...

Reading MArat's twitter comments from October he basically recognises this - but as Monkey has pointed out, he appears oblivious to the contradictory nature of his stamenents - now - MArat has ALWAYS had a tendency to do this - but its just more blatant in this context - and a lot less endearing....incidentally, I am willing to bet that he gave up twitter around June- ever since his sudden re-appearance at the begining of the month, NONE of his tweets ring true, to be honest - the spelling and the phrasing are totally at odds with what we know to be his grasp of English...but anyway - some minion for ER no doubt posting in his place these days....but I wish they would report the troll who I think we all know who is busy trashing his timeline with gay porn - not a good look for an ER poli.....and pretty much puts anyone else off tweeting genuine questions..

That aside - his dismissal of Pussy Riot in the terms he used, and apparent inability to make anything like a measured,thoughtful assessment of the impact of their actions on the wider political sphere and actually take part in a debate about the issues their actions have raised within the wider communuty - both domestic and international, merely confirms something else that has become increasingly obvious in his statements reflecting his attitude to women...

Marat apparently finds it incomprehensible that women ("girls" - some of whom are actually mothers) may actually have a BRAIN in their heads and make a conscious decision to do something that involves personal risk in order to make a powerful statement - it would seem that in Marat's world, women are facile, insignificant creatures with nothing to contribute other than stay at home looking after the 5 kids, making a 'home', servicing her 'husband' and looking the part - in other words, women should just shut up and suck it - and not get involved in matters that are beyond their flimsy intellects to understand - like important matters of for his adoption of the yellow-press version of his personal life - LOL at that ....and a s awoman, what does that say about his alleged and invisible 'other half' with whom he is supposedly living in domestic bliss- must be scrubbing those wooden floors in between international modelling assigments) well, that sure puts new meaning to the phrase "trophy wife" don't you think?

Rant over - better get back to work

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