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Post Re: if sampras would play in this era....

Originally Posted by bounccer View Post

Sampras and Agassi zero slam?

Sampras level's in some of his slams runs was miles above:

- Murray USO 2012
- Federer Wimbly 2012
- Djokovic USO 2011
- Djokovic Wimbly 2011
- Nadal Wimbly 2012
- Del Po USO 2009
- Federer Wimbly 2009

Adding to that: His mental toughness was above all of them

He would have win many slams, for sure, not 14 though.
Agassi would have snatch some too.
Wrong. In this era they would not get any slams. Simple as that. They'd do well, no doubt about that, but they would not win slams. Their games (especially Sampras') would not be able on these surfaces. Agassi might be able to snatch one somewhere, but that's a big maybe.

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
So in short what you want to say is Murray > Agassi and Sampras right
Agassi/Sampras >>> Murray clearly. However, in this era, Murray >>> both of them. The surfaces these days are not helping Sampras or Agassi. Both get beaten by any of the Big 4. Best I can see Agassi being is a slightly better Ferrer. Sampras? A serve and volleyer winning slams nowadays? Don't make me laugh.
Interestingly, the only player to have beaten each of Big 3 and Murray in Grand Slam play is Tsonga, who happens to be the closest we have to a serve & volleyer among the top players today. And I'm pretty sure Sampras's game was a few notches above Tsonga's to put it mildly...
What? Tsonga is not a serve and volleyer. He incorporates serve and volley, but he's a baseliner just like most other players these days. Sampras is purely serve and volley with some baseline play. He is not winning any slams in this era.

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