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Re: News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti

Originally Posted by AnnieNik View Post

Guys, why are you shocked really?
Annie - the "shocker", for me, is the unexpected blindness to his own hypocrisy. Namely, the arrogant, offhand way in which he dismisses Pussy Riot as "worthless" and "stupid", with the smug and callous "they got more than they bargained for" attitude, with zero understanding of the issues at hand. And this practically in the same breath as "You can't think there's only black and white, and the deputies are idiots".

So he doesn't want to be dismissed in black and white terms as an idiot, and yet here he is doing the exact same thing to Pussy Riot. I really thought he would aim for a higher level of discourse, and venture, at the most, an anodyne observation like "the girls were a little misguided, but they have since acknowledged as much" etc. Instead he's revealed his own level of intellect. Shocking, indeed.

Originally Posted by AnnieNik View Post
The environment changes the units in the system. Even if Marat was as pure as a spring drop, it's matter of time for him to change.
I question whether a political system must inevitably corrupt the people within it. I think it's possible for someone of intelligence and integrity to see the whole power structure, from top to bottom, and work within it to the best of their ability, without sacrificing their goodness, humanity and intellectual clarity. It's time there was a different kind of human being influencing the "system" (obviously it won't be Safin), rather than the other way round.
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