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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - His name is Gago, JolanGago.

Originally Posted by Thanos View Post
yeah i saw that my question was unclear. i meant by media coverage because once the hostage situation ends. it's seem that half the population of rio were outside of the bus waiting to get piece of him. the conclusion of the situation, the documentary shows the final moments from different angles, so obvious their was heaps of media and broadcast live to people at home. so they were seeing everything unfolding live as it was happening.

anyways thanks for the information about other accounts, as for the documentary i thought it was brilliant. it cover all aspects of the situation with interviews police officers, hostages etc. plus it give a great background on the guy (sandro) that took the people hostage and police corruption in brazil. it's shows how much socioeconomic status effect one's behaviour and personality growing up. halfway through the documentary, they're talking about a survey that was taken in brazil about what people should do in situation in favelas. the outcome that most of majority agreed that should clean the streets by killing everyone living there.

so the ending with hordes of people looking for blood of sandro was expected, just very disappointing that it's 2012 and people still think like this.

Yeah. it happens that the people on Rio can get very emotional and sentimental, perhaps more than the people in Sao Paulo because you know, Rio has more of a popular feeling, even if you have the slums and all the stuff you always can feel a little bit more of humanity because people are more closed interacted. Is not like Sao Paulo where you have the noble neighbourhood and then the poor ones, the slums in Rio are closer to the rich people so the poor, the nature, the rich get mixed up in a more " solidarity" feeling for example in such a tropical paradise world.

I remember a kidnapping that happened some years ago of a girl called Eloa by his ex- boyfriend and the guy in the end killed her. You could see there were lots of people around the building besides the police. I think the people always get curious on those cases that are broadcasted via media, because in Brazil is common to have some policial shows showing crimes, murderes and the police around 6- 7 p.m.

The thing is that even with all the violence the brazilian is an emotiona person that believes he knows whats best for the country or the society. Also remember that people that studies movies in Brazil are all left-wing people that try always to highlight the social problems.


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