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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - Nathaliia doesn't live here anymore.

Originally Posted by Thanos View Post
saulo, i recently watched the documentary bus 174 was wondering has there been another incident that happened in this magnitude the last twelve years?
Hey mate, I wonder what you mean with this question.

Because if I recall well the Bus 174 was a case of a hijacked bus in which the kidnapper (the bandit) took a woman as a hostage and she ended up being killed by the policeman that tried to kill the bandit.

I wonder what " magnitude" means to you or at least what kind of magnitude you imput to this case. Because violence is widespread in Brazil, in the sense that in the big cities like Rio or Sao Paulo you can always get killed from out of nowhere. Of course the violence isnt as big as it was in the eighties or in the begining of the nineties, but cases like the Bus 174 are common . I would say we have one big case of violence like this each couple of years.So if Bus 174 was in 2002, we could name at least more 5 cases of the same magnitude.

For example, a) On April 7, 2011, 23-year-old gunman Wellington Menezes Oliveira killed at least 12 students in his former school. The crime occurred in the Tasso da Silveira elementary public school, located in Realengo neighbourhood.

What this means? It means last year we had a shooting in a school in Rio de Janeiro, the same way this happens at least 3-5 times per decade (is it right?) in the United States. I would say this had at least the same magnitude of the Bus 174 case- children died because of a psycopath.

b) We can go back to 1993- Murder of Candelaria, in Rio also, when eight kids were murdered by policemen that had a lot of repercusion.

The police in Brazil faces a big war against drug dealers, and criminals, but it is relatively safe to live in Rio and Sao Paulo. Dont use jewelry, hide your phone, dont open your notebook in a cab or in a car and you get the same luck of me - I was robbed only once while walking through the streets of the center of Sao Paulo in 5 years. The biggest problems are in the slums, but sometimes violence reaches the common people- high and middle class, and its reasonably common.

I am trying to remember similar cases of violence....I remmber this year a policeman killed a middle-class advertising agent in a pursuit in a noble neighbourhood in Sao Paulo... it didnt reach the same magnitude but I think its a pretty serious case ....also I can remember of many cases in which the police kills people alleging "self defense". The police in Brazil is badly trained. It kills a lot more that the police of other countries.

I heard an amount of 3500 are murdered in the city of Sao Paulo every year. And one must guees how many are not hidden by the police statistics, that try to sell the idea that the homicides are diminishing.


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