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Re: Did you remember him? Guillermo Coria?

Originally Posted by kooties View Post
I still consider that FO 2004 final the cruelest twist of fate in sport history.

IMHO coria was a better claycourter than the likes of agassi, ferrero, and moya. I'd rather just forget the whole thing.

Vamos El Mago!
It was the cruelest twist of fate I have ever seen in sports.

The worst thing is, I remember how at the time, when they saw Coria's despair, commentators would all say "oh don't worry, he'll win Roland Garros for sure! No way he won't win this Slam!" and... well we all know what happened next...

I still like to watch a little Coria/Nadal from time to time, that was really awesome clay-court tennis. My biggest regret about Coria will always be that RG final, obviously, but my second biggest regret will be the missed opportunity of having years of Nadal vs Coria epic matches on clay.
I believe Nadal would have had the upper hand, but still, that would have been awesome, and that would have made RG so much more interesting. For so many years, it was pretty much NID that Nadal would crush everyone...

Well, anyway, what's done is done, there's no point in dwelling on the past too much.
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