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Re: A serious discussion on the term MUG and the negativity that surronds MTF atm. :(

Originally Posted by Kowchi View Post
Thank you I appreciate that, you seem to have a strong self as well.

I've always wonder what would happen if there was a cocktail party for MTF, how the forum members would interact and talk. Over the internet it is easy to say nasty things, but in real life ....
Very true. Most posters on here are internet tough guys but are very likely socially inept IRL.

And you are right in your observation about the disrespectful attitude dominating this forum. It has actually been like that since I joined here - however the avarage IQ of the posters seems to drop a couple of notches every year. Good posters leave and gloryhunting teenagers taking their place.

In short, MTF is a pile of shit most days. It has its moments, though. For those moments I stay, at least for now.

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You are communicating with somebody who can spend months browsing old threads/searcning for old posts of posters who caught my attention.Don´t even try.
Enjoy your ban btw

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Nadal is by far the most naturally talented player of all time and that is the reason his stay at the top is a lot longer than players like Federer etc were able to do.
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