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Thumbs down A serious discussion on the term MUG and the negativity that surronds MTF atm. :(.

I feel this term is really bringing the community down. I know I haven't been posting that long, but I have been lurking for a year and realize how nasty and negative that term is. Mug is someone who is bad at tennis, doesn't work hard, and is a bad person. The thing is though, all the so called Mug players, work their asses off almost every year, to play the sport they love. They have lives, families, friends who care about them and love them. Plus they obviously have some sort of talent, to be ranked in tennis.

I feel it is unfair to call any tennis player a mug and I also feel the term is bringing the community down. Every time someone calls a player a mug, an argument ensues, parties bash each other and get off topic, leading to hatred towards fellow members. This policy also goes for other negative nicknames. Nadull, Olderer etc. All cause arguments and negativity.

I feel the community needs to become more critical and respectful in their responses. Also people need to have some more respect for fellow members. I'm not going to point out any names, but you know who you are. Positive changes could happen to this forum, to make it a more positive, accepting environment.

Your thoughts?
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