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Re: How come Tennisforum has more activity than MTF? is as much a chat forum as it is tennis forum, posters actually talk with one another in player threads and chat threads, and don't just trool GM. The posters are infinitely more interesting on the balance, have way more personality, are less uptight, their trolling is funnier and less offensive and ignorant. They actually talk tennis more than on here since most people on this site don't know shit about tennis and use vulture ALL the time, unfunny nicknames for players, mug this, mug that. More blatant sexism, racism and homophobia on this site.

The reason is demographics. This site is 70% straight guys. Tennisforum is I would estimate like 40%-50% gay men, 40% girls, 20% straight guys. There is more balance there. Gay men are more personable overall than straight men, and therefore there is more traffic and discussions.
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