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Re: TT 2012 Suggestions Thread (READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING)

Originally Posted by sdtoot View Post
Count all losing 2-1 picks before going to the shootout (as currently in WTA TT). For GS's count losing 3-2 picks, then count losing 3-1 picks before going to the shootout.

For example:-

SR1 : Berrer vs Ebden (Actual result Berrer wins 2-0)
SR2 : Mayer vs Haas (Actual result Haas wins 2-0)
SR3 : Cilic vs Andujar (Actual result Andujar wins 2-0)
SR4 : Gasquet vs Fognini (Actual result Fognini wins 2-0)

Player A
Berrer 2-0
Mayer 2-1
Cilic 2-0
Gasquet 2-0

Player B
Berrer 2-0
Mayer 2-0
Cilic 2-1
Gasquet 2-1

In the above example, Player A wins on Shootout SR2 by giving a set to the winner, but player B gave a set to the winner in SR3 & SR4, so therefore has made better picks overall and deserves to be the winner.
Considering what sdtoot suggested, what could be done is to count the number of sets given to the winner when both players pick the loser, as it's already used as a tie-breaker when the matches go to the SR shootout.
Originally Posted by Crvena Zvezda View Post
In olympics like in DC, nations thing should apply, I mean double should be build with the same nation people.
Doubles teams are already formed by players from the same nation in Olympics
Originally Posted by Marto View Post
It's not like a suggestion, but let's discuss Second week GS Challengers, I remember there was some questions during the season
Transforming Martin's post into suggestions, these are two of the solutions I can remember that have been proposed in the past:
1. Players who're still alive in the GS (or IW/Miami) by Saturday (GS R16) should be out of the 2nd week challengers, MD or qualifying.
2. Players should be able to commit to the 2nd week challengers only after they're out of the GSs/IW/Miami.
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