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One thing I dont understand about Djokovic's defence...

First of all, before you start reading this post, I DO KNOW that its easier to speak than to actually go out there and get it done. Professional players, however, should know better.

We all know that Djokovic has got excellent defensive, and defence to offense skills. Djokovic's game revolves around returning every ball as long as he can, forcing his opponent to go closer and closer to the line, or to approach the net with terrible approach shots. If Djokovic manages to put his opponents in a defensive position, he often chooses to slap a winner in the court. Really effective.

One thing, I dont understand however. Why do most of the opponents choose to attack Djokovic's almost inpenetrable defence? In my opinion (once again, Im not a professional tennis player, easier said than done) if you choose to grind Djokovic down and simply move him from side to side with no pace balls, Djokovic will eventually lose his temper and try to go for winners, which he doesnt do well. Ive seen this many times in the past, and more recently Federer at Wimbledon. Ive watched the entire match, and all Federer did was serve well and move Djokovic from side to side hoping for errors. Ive also noticed how badly Djokovic returns body serves, but thats a different topic than this one.

For example, I dont understand why a player like Ferrer tries to go for winners, when he is the person who should be pushing and grinding people down. I dont understand why a player like Haas who can play some great tennis chooses to paint the lines when it is obviously not necessary.

Look at the USOpen final. Not a spectacular match by any means, but Murray was playing some really effective grinding tennis in the 3 sets that he won. He wasnt making winners, he wasnt serving well. He simply grinded down a tired Djokovic.

Djokovic's stamina isnt as good as people credit it to be.

Opinions on this? Be subjective and dont be tards, thanks.




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