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Re: 2012 ACC Early Fireside Chat (now with cocoa and marshmallows)

Originally Posted by Machado & Gil View Post
You're right, but it's not like you don't want that to happen, is it? Everyone knows, deep inside, that the main goal of your existance here, it's to win the ACC contest. Then, you can retire in piece. One advice: don't try too hard. Just be natural. It will be enought to reach at least the final.

Your SF spot last year, was a sign that good things will come, and this year's field is obvisouly weaker. That can't be said about your trolling skills.

You won't get my vote, though. Only in the firsts round, and if your opponent isn't Corey FailMan, Samonusuke, Pusher for Life, Mark Lenders, Looner, and so on...
He didn't make the semis last year. He got ousted by Groove in R2 after a highly disappointing campaign.
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